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“The seasons had always been a part of the way I cooked and ate.” — Daniel Humm, Swiss Chef and Restauranteur — Each new season brings with it an exciting new assortment of fresh produce: strawberries in summer; courgette squash in fall; carrots in winter; and rhubarb in spring. Eating seasonal food is very important […]

Can a glass of red wine a day keep the doctor away? “Drinking red wine is good for you!” For years we’ve heard a daily glass of red wine benefits your heart and your overall health. But is this really true? Read on! The “French Paradox” The belief in the health benefits of red wine […]

What Is Stress? The online dictionary from Cambridge University defines stress as: “Worry caused by a difficult situation, or something that causes this condition.” But most of us don’t need a definition because we’ve had first-hand experience with psychological strain and pressure. Small amounts of stress may be desirable, beneficial, and even healthy. For example, […]

“Five hours’ New York jet lag and you wake up in Camden Town to the dire and ever-circling wolves of disrupted circadian rhythm.” “Dire and ever-circling wolves”—that’s how novelist William Gibson describes jet lag. But how and when does it occur, what other health problems can be caused by frequent travel, and what can you […]

Snacking on junk food is almost never a good idea, right? That’s why government agencies such as Public Health England recommend natural snack foods, such as carrot sticks and almonds. But new studies show that snacking late at night, even on healthy food, is bad both for your weight and for your overall health. A […]

“I’ll never graduate from collagen.” Dolly Parton  What Is Collagen? Collagen is a fibrous protein found in the spaces between cells in the body’s connective tissues. Extremely important to good health, it’s the body’s most abundant protein. Providing firmness and strength, collagen is in many ways the glue that holds the body together. In fact, […]

Actually, It’s a Good Thing The word “inflammation” comes from the Latin word “inflammatio,” which means “setting something on fire.” The word is fitting because an inflamed area might be very red, like a flame, and might feel warm or even hot to the touch. Your body may experience an extreme or “flared-up” inflammatory response […]

The Basics of Heavy Metal Poisoning What Is Heavy Metal Poisoning? A toxic heavy metal is a relatively dense metal or metalloid element that is potentially poisonous. The term is typically applied to the metals cadmium, mercury, lead, and arsenic, although the World Health Organisation’s list of 10 chemicals of public concern also includes chromium, […]

What Is Golden Milk? “Golden milk” has long been known in India as “haldi ka doodh,” which means “turmeric milk.” But it’s not necessarily milk at all—at least not in the dairy sense. Instead, it’s a healthy combination of golden-coloured turmeric spice with coconut milk, almond milk, herbal tea, etc., depending on the recipe you […]

The condition commonly known as cellulite goes by a number of other names. These include: adiposis edematosa, dermopanniculosis deformans, status protrusus cutis, gynoid lipodystrophy, and, perhaps most disturbingly, “orange peel syndrome.” Regardless of what we call it, no one wants it, and this is why cellulite remedies are sought after and popular. What Exactly Is […]