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At Ella Di Rocco we believe that everybody , especially businesses need to try and be as eco friendly as possible. Because of this we aim to use service provides that help and not harm our beautiful planet.

Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning service provider use toxic chemical-free and eco-friendly cleaning products, which are biodegradable. Sustainability is a core value and investment in protecting the environment, is always a priority.

Find out more about our dry cleaning service, Hermans, here.

Rubbish Collection

Our rubbish collection service believes in a world where you can recycle everything. If they can’t recycle it, they’ll ensure our waste produces green electricity. Absolutely nothing goes to landfill.

We also value our clients privacy and recognise our responsibility to dispose of their personal information in a secure way.

Find out more about our rubbish collection service, The First Mile, here.

Green Energy

We use green energy bulbs through out our medispa. Bulb is one of the only 100% renewable electricity suppliers in the UK and have no carbon emissions.

Find out more about how we use green energy here

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