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We offer to our clients 40 years of experience in the sector, basing the company philosophy on the quality of the cosmetic products and advanced technology. Dr Alberto Fabbri developed the idea of specialising in marine cosmetology, with particular attention to the study of more effective, unique substances that were then concretely realised in the Fabbrimarine brand.

Confident and proud of Fabbrimarine formulas that we have in an exclusive line we can confirm the most amazing results after even the first session.

Constant formulated innovation through scientific research is the strong point that leads the marine biomimetic.

The formulas have to be explained, understood and embraced. That is the only way we can believe in something and use it in the best possible way to generate wellbeing. For this reason, every time Fabbrimarine studies a new product they test the best combination. Of ingredients and the most effective, safest solutions to guarantee the satisfactions of the client.

Fabbrimarine products are not tested on the animals. The formulations are approved by the most important certifying bodies so that we can use the strict wording of dermatological quality and safety. Research, production and packaging are all carried out under the most severe quality controls to guarantee absolute reliability.

Our care and attention for the client before and after sales and treatments have earned the group widespread international acclaim and approval.

Human Beings Come From The Sea Like Our Cosmetics

The sea is a vital, fundamental source of energy for human beings: mind and body find their proper balance before it. For years scientists working in the down from the surface of the water pharmaceutical, nutrition and cosmetics sector have been studying active marine elements to solve problems of every kind.

Everything is more concentrated and purer in the sea: the weak light that filters down from the surface of the water forces organisms to make the best use of it; the little oxygen dispersed in the water does not permit waste: the oxygen produced by the population of the tiny Diatomeas exceeds the amount produced by all the forests of the world.

These are just few of many examples that illustrate the effectiveness and richness of the active marine elements that recent surveys describe as “the future of cosmetics”. In order to do its work, a cosmetic has to penetrate; without this ability how can it be used for treatment?

Human beings come from the sea and that is why we have shown and used the fundamental similarities between the elements of the sea and our own skin.

This natural similarities between our skin and the marine organisms are part of every Fabbrimarine formulation.

Embracing the marine philosophy means analysing problems with a scientific, targeted approach that examines and resolves beauty flaws starting from their origin.

The concept of nature, wellbeing and science is the foundation of the marine philosophy. Every Fabbrinarine product line is characterised by unique, effective marine ingredients. Each of our cells acts like certain algae, there is and extraordinary resemblance between the composition of human blood plasma and that of seawater. The cytoplasmic membrane of the algae possesses effective systems of defence and conservation that we now know are similar to those of our skin.

Thus, acting by affinity, Dr Alberto Fabbri has developed and amplified these marine substances, transforming them into precious cosmetic ingredients that are perfectly assimilated and tolerated by the skin. Our laboratories freeze-dry the functional substances and osmotisation of the waters preserves them unaltered to incorporate them in a cosmic of superior quality characterised by the Fabbrimarine trademark.

Every element in the sea has been studied to create cosmetic lines featuring high skin compatibility, to interact with it without modifying its essence.

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