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The concept for the Ella Di Rocco Wellness MediSpa came from a vision between Dr Anna Brilli and her daughter, Sonia Milena Brilli, to help people live una vita bella – a beautiful life.

Anna’s medical and international business expertise combined with Sonia’s passion and insights around the latest beauty trends and customer needs, has resulted in a series of therapeutic pain, beauty and wellbeing treatments using the latest technologies available.

These treatments are delivered by a team of passionate, professionally trained and highly experienced individuals who are committed to giving you the attention you deserve and the peace of mind you need for best experience possible.

Anna Brilli

Dr. Anna Brilli

Anna created Ella Di Rocco as a space for relaxation, rejuvenation and inspiration in the heart of London. An implantologist, a maxillofacial surgeon, and accomplished business woman, Anna has travelled and worked around the world, reflecting her rich global experiences in the diverse Ella Di Rocco offering.

Helping clients to look and feel their best from the inside out, Anna is an expert in non-invasive aesthetic medicine and diagnostics, which she complements with the bespoke treatments and wine therapies offered at Ella Di Rocco. Her approach is precise and personal, with an in-depth knowledge of the human body and passion for the human spirit, helping her create the ultimate relaxation haven for you to re-discover your best self.

Sonia Milena Brilli

Sonia Milena Brilli

Born and raised in Italy, Sonia began her academic career in London. Here she studied Psychology before progressing to International Marketing with a specialisation in consumer behaviour and digital marketing.

Sonia is profoundly passionate about health, beauty and well-being and is determined to revolutionise the concept of ‘beauty from within’ in a non-invasive way. This drive, together with her studies, and having been raised in close contact to the medical industry, has played a vital role in bringing the Ella Di Rocco concept to you.

Miad Najafi

Miad Najafi

Miad is our highly skilled and experienced in-house osteopath at Ella Di Rocco. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Human Physiology and has been fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) of Great Britain since graduating with a BSc (Hons) Osteopathic Medicine in 2000. With formal training in structural osteopathic techniques, he specialises in Harmonic Technique/Process Centered Osteopathy, and is currently the only UK based osteopath who is formally trained to use the CMF SportSys, which is the cutting edge, yet safe, complex magnetic field technology that we offer at the centre.

Miad has been an avid martial artist for over 25 years and also practices Yoga, integrating it into his practice as a therapeutic modality.

Miad’s athletic background and academic knowledge have enabled him to work with patients of all ages who suffer from painful conditions, trauma, and musculoskeletal and postural issues. He is caring and committed to providing suitable rehabilitation and exercise prescription, while aiming to prevent symptoms from reoccurring.

Benjamin Hodson

Benjamin Hodson

Benjamin is an experienced personal trainer who specialises in nutrigenetics and fitness genetics to help optimise his client’s performance and overall health and wellbeing.

A Loughborough graduate and ex-professional footballer with over 18 years of excellence in personal fitness training, Benjamin has an unrivalled reputation for results and customer service with a discerning clientele.

Ben takes a bespoke approach to lifestyle modification utilising DNA to prescribe tailored diet and personal training packages that optimise health and wellbeing. In this way, Ben truly embodies the personalised treatment ethos of Ella Di Rocco.

Paola Pinto

Paola Andrea Pinto

Paola is our very experienced and professional aesthetic therapist. She is also the first formally trained UK based Aesthetic Therapist and is qualified to use our cutting edge Biomagnetic safe technology, offered at Ella Di Rocco. Paola is also fully trained and able to carry out Fabbrimarine face and body cosmetic treatments, which are unique in the UK.

Paola is experienced and professional and takes time to listen, fully understanding what her client’s needs are and recommending the best course of treatment for them.

Paola’s friendly and professional approach to aesthetic therapy ensures that her clients feel very comfortable with her, allowing them to trust the advice and recommendations she gives.

Ieva Apeikyte-Kiourtsidou

Ieva has extensive experience as a beauty therapist and a face, body and professional sports massage. She has been formally trained to use our cutting edge Biomagnetic technology, as well as Fabbrimarine products for face and body cosmetic treatments, both exclusive to Ella Di Rocco.

She enjoys learning new things and improving her skills at all times, whilst continuing her studies. Her years of experience, professional and friendly approach, ensure that you will receive the correct advice and treatment that best meets your needs.

Ieva is the only student who has achieved 100% in the ITEC Diploma Sports Massage  Examination at Richdales Institute – an excellent result!

Angelica Vrachimis

Angelica is high experienced Aesthetic therapist who has been formally trained in UK. She is qualified to use our cutting edge technology for face and body treatments, as well as excellent massage therapist.

She is very friendly, approachable and works comfortably with clients and colleagues. She gives her clients her full attention to ensure she gives them personalised advice, the best possible care and meets their needs. Angelica is continually keeps up-to-date with our new protocols and products ensuring that her clients receive the best possible treatment.

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