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CMF SportSys – Exclusive To Ella Di Rocco

For athletes, recovery after a gruelling training session or injury is critical to your success. At Ella Di Rocco, our trained staff work with athletes and individuals with sporting injuries, helping to boost performance and rehabilitate using the latest developments in advanced sports medicine.

A game changer in sports medicine, we use the CMF SportSys to assist a range of conditions including neuropathic pain, muscle and joint pain and inflammation. To support every day workouts, this treatment works to restore the homeostasis of cellular membranes, contrasting the damage caused by free radicals. After traumatic injury, our staff will work with you on your journey to recovery, using the system to reduce down time through the treatment’s anti-inflamatory, anti-oedama and analegesic effect. 

CMF Beauty – Exclusive To Ella Di Rocco

At Ella Di Rocco, we believe that beauty begins from the inside out. We look to cure the causes of ageing, not the symptoms in a non-invasive way.

Our CMF Beauty treatment is based on advanced molecular biology research, fighting the causes of ageing by restoring cellular homeostasis. By reducing oxidative stress and eliminating accumulated free radicals, this treatment is great for minimising age-related problems.

The treatment forms part of our tailored approach to your health and wellbeing. Talk to us today about a CMF Beauty treatment for metabolic blocks, detox, connective tissue densification, lymphatic drainage, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, oxidative stress, osteoporosis, antimicrobial and tissue regeneration.

ReduStim – Exclusive To Ella Di Rocco

Ella Di Rocco provides ReduStim treatments should you wish to improve your body by reducing visceral fat, which is harmful to your health.  Our ReduStim slimming devices use patented technologies that combine action of pressure therapy and BioEnergetic fields to stimulate the release of your abdominal fat.

These devices are clinically recognised and provide visible lasting results with no side effects, no effects on metabolism, and while respecting your body’s natural biological process. It is noninvasive, non-aggressive and totally painless, and that’s the reason why more than 2000 medical institutes are using it every day all over the word.


At Ella Di Rocco, we create bespoke treatments based on in-depth, therapeutic and medical analysis of your body and its individual needs.

Our prescriptive approach is complemented by the 3D-Ultimate technology used by our therapists to assess your body and skin and recommend tailored treatments based on your exact physiological needs.

The 3D-Ultimate can also be used as part of a holistic treatment plan that includes non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic medicine. This includes targeting problem areas with fat and superficial fat removal, skin tightening and cellulite reduction, and non-surgical face lifts.

Our expert staff will work with you to achieve your desired results, tailoring aesthetic medical treatments with our luxurious spa offerings.

LED Mask

Popular with celebrities world-wide, the LED Mask combats the signs of ageing and improves healing without the need for surgery.

The mask is a safe and effective treatment that energises cells and rejuvenates your skin. This painless, non-invasive treatment uses light at specific wavelengths to penetrate skin, which increases blood circulation necessary for skin rejuvenation, delivering more oxygen to the face and neck.

Treatment with the LED Mask has a number of benefits, such as skin healing and reduced scarring, fading of freckles and age spots, improving sun damaged skin, reducing wrinkles and skin tightening. Our trained therapists will work with you to treat your skins needs.

There’s no down time after treatment, leaving your skin glowing and you free to get on with your day!

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