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What Is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is characterised by uneven large brown patches on different areas of the skin such as face, hands, décolleté and shoulders. These brownish spots are known as pigmentation and they are caused by sun exposure and UVA rays that stimulate pigment cells known as melanocytes to produce pigment called melanin, creating small unwanted dark patches.

Contraceptive pills and pregnancy may contribute to the formation of pigmentation and altered hormonal levels can also cause Melasma or Chloasma. Additionally, another cause of hyper-pigmentation is acne in the post-inflammatory phase, in which the trauma heals by leaving significant discolouration on the surface of the skin.

How We Treat Pigmentation

Pigmentation can be prevented in a number of ways, however in some cases it is inevitable, and a treatment must carried out in order for these dark spots to diminish.

The most suitable treatment for the client will be assessed through an initial complimentary consultation. The consultation will involve a deep analysis of the skin type and pigmentation in order to assess the most effective treatment.

Treatments for pigmentation:

LED Light Therapy

Also known as Light Emitting Diode therapy, is able to penetrate using different lights, different depths of the skin by causing various reactions such as plumping skin, reducing wrinkles or fighting acne. In the case for pigmentation, there are several programs that can be used to stimulate collagen, repair cells, heal skin wounds, and smooth inflammation.

Skin Whitening Facial (PERFECTIO)

A marine-based facial designed to give the face an incredibly smooth, uniform, radiant complexion. A revolutionary new molecule that is able to combat alterations and discolouration without attacking and damaging the surface of the skin.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is essential for our well-being, from approximately the age of 25, the quantity of oxygen in our skin starts to diminish which is one of the causes of diminished elasticity, visible wrinkles and fine lines. Oxygen therapy in combination with our marine-based facials will restructure your skin visibly by plumping out fine lines and reducing those unwanted large dark spots.

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