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What Is Scarring?

Scars on the skin are a very common problem. Scars occur when the tissue has been significantly damaged and repaired. Although scars are part of the body’s natural healing process they can be unsightly and in some people there is a genetic predisposition in to produce thicker, itchy, or enlarging scars called keloids.

Even though this very difficult for scars to be removed completely, there are a number of ways in which the appearance of scars can be significantly reduced.

How We Treat Scarring

At Ella Di Rocco we assess the type of scar that the client has, to permit us to develop the correct treatment for them. There are a number of different ways in which a scar can be treated depending on the amount of time that has passed since the scar first formed, to the actual type of scar and its position.

The treatment that is suitable for the client will be assessed through an initial complimentary consultation. The consultation will include a deep analysis of the skin type in order to assess the most effective treatment.

Treatments for scarring:

Radio Frequency

The skin is composed of a number of different layers each of which serves a specific purpose and which are bound together by the supporting material collagen. This treatment uses radio waves to heat a specific area and permit heat energy to penetrate into the layers of the skin. Heat travels between the layers of the skin causing an increase in  collagen production. The collagen is then broken down and remodelled, and that is how the appearance of the scar becomes smoother. In combination with radio frequency we also use peeling treatments that enhance the result of the treatment.

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is essential for our well-being, from approximately the age of 25, the quantity of oxygen in our skin starts to diminish which is one of the causes of diminished elasticity. See above. Oxygen therapy in combination with our Glycolic Acid Peeling will diminish the appearance of the scar as well as stimulating the skin to be more elastic.

Glycolic Acid Peeling

Glycolic acid gel at 40% promotes chemical exfoliation by stimulating skin cell replacement. Its effectiveness is due to the small size of the molecule, which is thus able to penetrate the interconnecting space in the skin and perform a lithic action on the bonds that ensure the cohesion between corneocytes.

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