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15th March 2018 Featured, Skin Care

Do you want glowing and younger-looking skin? Wine therapy is the answer you are looking for!

Sounds too good to be true? Well… not quite. Wine is the secret ingredient to younger-looking and glowing skin! Throughout the wellness industry, wine therapy is slowly becoming more and more popular as the benefits of these therapies are experienced immediately. To begin with, it is important to understand what wine is and how it is possible that, a drink we love so much, is the best ingredient that can be used for achieving perfect skin.

What Is Red Wine & How Is It Used On Skin?

Red wine is made from a variety of black grapes. The colour of the wine may differ depending on the grapes that have been used to produce it. Usually, the colours can range from intense violet to brick red to dark brown (depending on the age of the wine).

The primary and most important process in making red wine involves crushing and fermenting the grapes that then become the red wine we are all familiar with and enjoy drinking with our dinner. However, when red wine is produced, there is some residue that remains after production. This residue is what is used for red wine therapy. The residue is then mixed with grape concentrate and grape skin. This residue cannot be eaten or used for anything else rather than body treatments.

What Ingredients Make Red Wine So Beneficial?

As previously mentioned, red wine is made from grapes, and grapes are extremely rich in antioxidants. Some of them are catechins, resveratrol, epicatechin, and proanthocyanidins. These antioxidants help fight free radical damage, with the most important being resveratrol, as it comes directly from the grape skin and has anti-aging properties. In fact, due to the incredible benefits that resveratrol has on skin, researchers predict that skin creams with resveratrol could be the next big thing in the cosmetic industry.

Glowing & Younger-Looking Skin With Wine Therapy

Red wine can restore natural skin glow as the polyphenols that are present in wine can prevent cell oxidation that is the primary cause of ageing skin. Another amazing benefit from resveratrol, is that it powerfully works to minimise the effects of oxidative stress, as skin cells are usually subject to suffering from this. The resveratrol in red wine also protects the skin from the harmful UV-induced effects.

Acne-Free Skin

Red wine has also been demonstrated to have significant effects in reducing acne on skin.

Research has indicated that the resveratrol in red wine is crucial in slowing down the development and growth of bacteria that cause acne. Combined with other anti-bacterial treatments, be sure that you can go back to having acne-free skin!

Treats Sunburnt Skin

Unfortunately, sunburn is one of the primary causes of skin cancer and it is very easy to get sunburnt without even noticing it while tanning at the beach. Red wine is also an emergency ingredient that is capable of treating sunburns. Having a grape concentrate and skin grape treatment on skin will minimise the affected area of the burn. The flavonoids in red wine prevent the skin from forming reactive oxygen species, compounds that react with UV rays and cause sunburn.

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